Help Shape how AI is Used To Transform Your Enterprise at AI Evolution

Bob Gourley

All of us have been closing watching Artificial Intelligence. For decades it has been a concept with huge potential. For the last few years we have watched it deliver incremental capabilities to a wide range of technologies in the consumer and enterprise space. Now it is clearly set to deliver transformative capabilities that can change the way we work. It is a new and immensely powerful technology that has the potential to radically redefine the enterprise.

Join peers and innovators from around the AI world at the 18 May AIEvolution event to track the latest and shape how AI can transform your enterprise.

More than any other innovation in recent years, this technology has the capability to fundamentally alter our roles in the workforce, our relationship with our employers, even to challenge our fundamental understanding of what it means “to work.”

Cognitive computing is already being applied within today’s forward-thinking organizations. Helping to streamline operations, mine for additional revenue opportunities, uncover otherwise hidden data connections and ultimately reduce costs. 

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