Who We Are

About Cognitio

Cognitio is a strategic consulting and engineering firm established and managed by a team of former
senior technology executives from the U.S. Intelligence Community. Our team remains committed to
National Security and serving our country and clients across multiple sectors of the economy with the best people,
solutions and innovation combined.

Our Mission

Our goal is to enable companies and agencies to optimize resources, meet changing needs, and create unique advantage through the competent application of technology to business and mission opportunities.

We believe that our clients are best served when we have smart people working together with great
technology, resources and capabilities. We focus on maintaining an edge in commercially available
solutions, being on the cutting edge of technology and creating solutions that enable success.

Our Clients

Our clients cut across all segments of industry from small technology start-ups to some of the largest
agencies and companies. Our goal is to drive impact into mission space and help create competitive
advantage, be that against commercial competitors, or against national threats.