What We Do

Management Consulting

With years of service crossing many mission areas, Cognitio can evaluate, create and help implement innovation, change and new technologies to support effective mission outcomes.

Unique Solutions

As a small company, we can create, provide and operate any number of custom solutions to meet a variety of mission needs

Thought Leadership

Cognitio has years of experience creating innovative solutions and deep understanding technology at all levels of the enterprise.  Connect with us through our thought pieces.

How We Help


We have supported clients with ATO, security review, and security operations on a number of fronts

Data Science

We work as thought leaders on creating new insight into data sets, building capabilities and operating large-scale data systems

Collection Services

We have developed unique solutions to collecting, assessing and moving data from various sources


Our people come from a diverse set of backgrounds and offer expert advice, solutions and insight


We offer capabilities in building custom LLMs, enabling AI, and training sets for ML

Bespoke Services

Cognitio supports a wide variety of unique needs, custom tailored to assist mission spaces