Cognitio Corp is a senior-leveraged consulting and services company providing offerings in Strategic Consulting, Technology Design and Cyber Risk Reduction, including:

Cyber Risk Reduction

  • Cyber Threat Consulting: Cognitio supports companies in developing cyber awareness, remediation and containment strategies for cyber risk. We have developed our own process, called Cyber 360, to help companies overcome legacy perspectives on compute and develop a holistic approach to evaluating and mitigating risk across the cyber landscape.
  • CISO as a Service: Few organizations have the resources required for optimal cybersecurity and digital risk reduction. Cognitio’s CISO as a Service offering puts our seasoned team of experts on your side.

Technology Optimization and Enterprise Digitization

  • CTO as a Service: We provide C-level consulting services and strategic support for companies of all sizes.
  • Large-Data Analytics: Cognitio is a leader in data-science and creating scalable solutions to help uncover information within large data collections. Our support for large-data initiatives are key in various agencies and enterprises and span multi-disciplinary areas.
  • Cloud Transition: Cognitio provides a continuum of support from strategy development, to implementation plans, to security and transition strategies that insure organizations investing in cloud initiatives can maximize the value of both legacy infrastructure and new investments to reduce cycle time and create lasting efficiencies.
  • Federal Government Support: Cognitio is a prime and sub-contractor at various Intelligence Community, DoD and FedCiv agencies. Our work in this area is focused on technology innovation, rapid prototyping and supporting unique mission requirements to build lasting impact in operational areas.

Strategic Consulting

  • Commercial Go-to-Market Strategy: Cognitio supports companies that wish to enter the Federal marketplace by conducting research, building strategies and creating partner eco-systems to help drive opportunity for growth in support of key mission areas.
  • Market Research and Campaign Planning: Cognitio supports businesses and government agencies in technology evaluation and discovery of next generation capabilities. Using our research, outreach and relations, Cognitio assists our clients in portfolio rationalization, finding new capabilities, and technology that can bridge specific gaps.
  • Advisory Services: Cognitio provides comprehensive advisory services in support of customers wishing to drive context, create understanding and build lasting impact in various markets, with a focus on the federal government ecosystem.