Cyber Solutions

Cognito works at the intersection of cyber-strategic information, advanced technologies, and expert advice that combine to help you minimize risks from the inside and outside of the enterprise. With decades of experience identifying, researching, defending, and utilizing cyber to help protect national interests, our Cyber offerings take a practical approach to understanding the Cyber Threat. At the heart if our Cyber360 offering which is based on our knowledge, insight, and experience with frameworks such as ISO 27001 and NIST.

Our goal is to educate, support and allow companies to develop the expertise needed to navigate the ever changing waters of the cyber world.


Cyber360 is the cornerstone of our Cyber offerings. Created to help address the entire range of the cyber landscape from strategy, technology to policy, the Cyber360 looks at the entire enterprise and quickly identifies areas of opportunity where companies and agencies can begin to understand, and minimize risk across the cyber landscape.

Since we focus on creating a culture of security and not compliance for the enterprise, our Cyber360 can be tailored to meet the needs of any size enterprise or agency. To-date, we have completed assessments across every major industry vertical for companies of every size. Our key goal is to enable the enterprise to make informed decisions, create programs to overcome gaps, rationalize technology portfolios and choices, and bridge into higher levels of competency and expertise to address the cyber continuum.


Cognitio created a holistic approach to understanding insider threat in the cyber world. Based on leading methodologies and our own research into modeling enterprise and individual behavior, the Insider360 enables your organization to better plan, understand and overcome vulnerabilities to assist in risk management and resource decisions.

Just like the Cyber360, the Insider360 provides insight across strategic, technical, policy and intelligence areas to create and enhance a culture of security. This allows organizaions to understand implications of decisions, manage insider risk and improve business operations and investment planning.

CISO As A Service

Organizations often struggle to find all the resources required to assist in risk reduction. Cognitio’s CISO as a Service offering lends you our decades of expertise to help bridge gaps, build competency and assist in risk reduction.

Our CISO as a Service offering is the ideal choice for firms who have grown to the point where just-in-time expertise is needed yet may not need full-time resources, or have leadership that is spread across to wide of a gap to focus on just on critical function. We can provide the executive leadership to get your program off the ground and can assist while the enterprise builds, or finds the resources needed for this key function.