Webinar 31 Jan: Lessons Learned For Government Enterprises From The Highest Performing Commercial Firms

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Bob Gourley Cognitio is participating in a webinar 31 Jan at 1pm Eastern, 11am Pacific, which will provide information of use to enterprise technologists from across the federal mission space. The webinar will discuss the very latest issues and trends from the rapidly moving enterprise technology space, leading to conclusions relevant to technology leaders. The […]

3 Bare Essential Digital Risk Vulnerabilities in the Cyber War of Influence

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Crystal Lister This article increases awareness for organizations seeking to enhance their security posture regarding three aspects of digital risk exploited by Russia as part of its larger effort to influence the 2016 U.S. election process. Digital opportunism is playing an unprecedented role in the global virtual battlefront for political gain, as outlined in the […]

Improving the Performance and Security of Mission Applications with Enhanced Networking

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Bob Gourley Latency breeds contempt, this is especially true in the defense and intelligence communities where seconds can be the difference between life and death. Applications supporting national security missions must work and they must work fast. In order to keep pace with rapidly evolving mission demands, agencies are constantly advancing their capabilities in the […]